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Tag After School APK v5.0 (Latest Version) – Free Download: The Best Game to Play on Your Android Device in 2023

Tag After School Android APK is a career-oriented gaming platform where you play as Shota-Kun who is the main character of the game. This game has been developed by a group of Japanese developers. As we all know how good is the education system of Japan, they have set an example for the whole world by introducing such a great education system. This game also reflects this thing in its plot as it revolves around decisions, we take to shape our careers. This platform gives you a free hand in taking your life decisions. Your career path starting from high school till the end of your youth depends on the decisions your take in your life. If you utilize your time effectively, then we guarantee that you will enjoy a great adulthood. You judgement will be on the fact that what you want to do with your life.

Shota-Kun with his cute appearance, he is also a shy schoolboy, huddled in a corner, so he is always bullied by his classmates. Once, after being chased by a group of school bullies, he got lost in an abandoned school. A strange girl suddenly appeared leading him deep into this dark place. From here Shota-Kun begins to encounter many strange female ghosts. The story is now in full bloom.

tag after school apk v5.0 (latest version) – free download


An after school game would be an amazing game experience for every kind of person, whether he or she be in the life stage of after school or has gone through it or about to going through it. All of us go through this stage and this stage of life is so much difficult as well as it is quite unstable for mental state. We go through slot of fears when we go to after school environments. We get fear and our confidence dissipates when we think of the situations we will face and the social circles we will have to interact with. Today we have brought to you such an application that simulates the after school life and works based on what you are going to choose for the player.

The Tag after school 5.0 APK is a game that is based on the life of the Shota Kun. You simulate the game and life of the player, as you choice the game and Shota Kun will have that kind of circumstances. Your actions determine what will happen in the game and with Shota Kun. The player is afraid of the life of after school and has the fear that how would she interact with the new social circles and how would she be able to make her life or rather personal life get on track again with new people and environment.

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To fold it up, we must say the game simulates the real after school problems and also how to get out of it as well. This makes the game a real life related application. Go get your Tag after school APK and help Kun get out of the bottomless pit of anxiety by doing your game.

Tag After School has recently become a game that is being discussed and sought after by many gamers. This game is a game about a ghost school mystery story where our main task as players is to uncover the mysteries that exist in the school.

For those of you who are looking for the download link, now there is no need to bother anymore. Because here, we will also share the download link for free with all of you. You can download Tag After School APK directly via the download button below.

In Tag After School APK, the main character of the game is Shota-Kun, a career-oriented game. A group of Japanese developers developed this game. We all know how good the Japanese education system is, and they have set an example for the world by introducing such a great system. The plot of this game reflects this as well, as it revolves around the decisions we take to shape our careers. With this platform, you are given the freedom to make your own life decisions. The decisions you make in your life from high school until the end of your youth determine your career path. We guarantee that you will enjoy a wonderful adulthood if you utilize your time effectively. Ultimately, what you want to do with your life will determine your judgment.

There is nothing complicated about the gameplay of "tag" after school, yet it is engaging. The goal is to tag other players without being tagged by themselves while controlling one of several characters. Players can use obstacles and power-ups on the map to their advantage or disadvantage. For the game to be won, players must complete tag-related challenges as they progress.


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