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Buy Blue Buffalo Dog Food Cheap

I was wondering the same thing about the cat food . I. Have 3 days and just switched to blue wilderness around 2 weeks ago . So far no problem. Wondering if I should go back to wellness for indoor card ?

buy blue buffalo dog food cheap

What are they going to do to compensate those of us that lost our beloved pet due to their food? I lost my Afghan hound due to eating blue buffalo.nothing that can pay can bring her back but I think we deserve somthing for such a gut wrenching loss.

I feed my dogs all the blue buffalo line and have recommended this to many many I feel terrible.I feed my dogs the venison and also the salmon dry food as well as the stix.what is the next best step here?although the foods I feed them are not listed I am concerned and do not want to support a company that will not own up to its mistakes.

2 of my dogs went through 45 days of vomiting and diarrhea. Then it was food allergies, this that the other thing, the only thing that we changed for a last time was this blue buffalo. This was in 2013. They both now have died. However, 2 years before blue like many other companies outsourced their products and this is what happens. I hope this company shuts down once and for all. It is horrendous.

We were feeding both our dogs Blue Wilderness (nor chicken) for years. They were both doing great until about a year ago. One of the dogs started vomiting frequently. My mother had previouslymentioned that the blue brand made her dogs sick and almost killed a friend of hers dog. With that knowledge we decided to change food brands. No more vomiting! She is back to her playful (sometimes annoyingly so) self. So glad we made the change. Wish we had done it much sooner

Now hold on I just put my baby down in April because of seizures. Idiotathic seizures and me Bacon wes on blue buffalo basics since we got him a 9 weeks. And your saying this is what could have caused his seizures. His last seizure lasted 16 minutes and when he come out of it he couldnr see us or hear us. My biy was my everything lits of money involved as he was also my service dog but mostly because he was the best not even 3 years old. And your telling it could have been what I fed him and I killed him. I better find out about this as I am now really upset and pissed

I have been feeding my Westie Blue Buffalo Basics limited ingredient formula small breed turkey and potato recipe for 9 months. I just got back from the Veterinary Office and my Westies bloodwork is perfect. I am not going to buy blue buffalo anymore, but!

Dr Carol,Do you have any details on who funded the tests on Blue Buffalo food to get these results? Also, I would like to know if the testing included ALL blue Buffalo food, and if so, then where were ALL the results publically released.

Made with water buffalo, lamb, roasted bison, and venison, this tasty dry dog food is a great option for picky puppers, as well as those who simply need a protein-packed diet to fuel their four-footed adventures. 041b061a72

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