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What specific documentation do I need to gather when filing a compensation claim for air india canceled flight, and how can I ensure I have all the necessary information?

06 Feb

Keep a close eye on any communication from Air India regarding the cancellation. Whether it's emails, messages, or app notifications, these can be valuable evidence. Take screenshots or save these communications for reference. If your canceled flight had connecting flights, gather information on those as well, as it may impact your compensation eligibility. Document any additional expenses incurred due to the cancellation. This includes receipts for hotel stays, prepaid arrangements that were affected, and any other costs during the extended layover. These details contribute to the overall picture of your claim. Consider using Airadvisor as a resource in your compensation process. They specialize in handling flight compensation claims. Visit their website, input your flight details, and let them assist you through the process. They can analyze your case, determine eligible compensation, and provide guidance on next steps. Remember, patience is important. The process may take time, but with the right documentation, you increase your chances of a successful claim. Airlines have obligations to compensate passengers for certain canceled flights, and having a thorough set of documents can strengthen your position.



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