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Please give a Sh*t about your SHIP.

How is your SHIP scored? 

Your game ambassador will score your SHIP.

SHIP is on a 1-3 scale. 1 being the worst. 3 being the best.



Example of 3:

  • Just hooping. Showing respect towards pick-up rules & your teammates.

Example of 2:

  • Very poor attitude & effort that is clearly disrupting the flow of the game

  • Very poor teamwork that is noticeable & consistently bothering the players

Examples of 1 (No Tolerance):

  • A violent altercation that endangers any participant & or requires the attention of the facility

  • Any participant that is grossly, repeatedly, & deliberately cheating the game

  • Any participant that is displaying extremely vulgar & offensive behavior/language

*We know that there will be competitiveness, trash talk, & physical plays.

*We know that there will be rough days & emotional games.

*We get it. We play ball too. Our hope & our intent is to give out 3’s.

*In the rare case that someone earns less, our team will explain to you why.

Why should you give care about your SHIP? 


  • You only qualify for HoopMaps rewards, tournaments, contests & the leaderboard if you have a 3 SHIP. 

  • It determines your eligibility on our platform. As seen below, you can jeopardize your opportunity to play in the runs if you receive a very poor SHIP score(s)​.

  • Most importantly, Hustle & Integrity are just powerful character traits. We chose them for a reason. Whether as an athlete, an entrepreneur, a student, a parent, etc. these traits can help us all be better.

  • What is the game format?
    5 versus 5 Full Court Pick-Up Rules (NO REFS); see guidelines below Games to 11 OR highest score after 15 minutes Points are counted by 1's & 2's *Winner Stays On
  • What are Pick-Up rules?
    Many pick-up ballers may already know these. But, most of the highlights are listed below. Pick-Up rules (aka NO REFS) are as follows: At the start of a run, a player will "shoot for it." This 3-pointer determines first possession After the initial match, the Winning team receives first possession for the next game Players call their own fouls There are no free throws or any immediate points rewarded on fouls After fouls, the player's (the one fouled) team checks the ball back in "Checking the ball" should be done btwn half court & the offensive teams 3-point line Players enforce violations based on general consesnus; traveling, double dribble, etc. *We encourage you to gain more insight into the basketball rule book
  • How do I join a curated run?
    All curated runs are posted on the HoopMaps website ( If there is availability, you must join a run prior to the start of the session.
  • Do you accept cash?
    We DO NOT accept Cash. We accept payments by debit or credit card.
  • Can I bring my friends or family to watch?
    Sure! We encourage you too! That said, family & friends are not eligible to play in the session if they have not registered & signed up. In addition, please know that per our mandatory terms of service, both you & any friends/family assume all risk and liabilty when playing/watching the game(s).
  • Curated Runs vs. games on the HoopMaps app?
    Curated Runs are designated sessions produced internally by our team. Courts are reserved, competition is optimized, & a HoopMaps ambassador will be present. Games on the HoopMaps app are simply created by our users. They are peer-to-peer pickup runs organized by the members in our HoopMaps community.
  • Are these curated runs on the HoopMaps App?
    At the moment, this is not available. Our hope is that by Summer of 2021, this will be an option.
  • Can I book Curated Runs through the WIX app? How?
    Yes! After creating your profile on the HoopMaps website, you should receive an email inviting you to join our platform via the Wix app. This email will have a unique code or link. After downloading the Wix app, input your code or link. Once admitted, you can navigate our platform via the Wix interface. You can also go directly to our website which will be linked at the bottom of the homepage!
  • Am I limited to games with my skill level?
    You are welcome to join any run regardless of your rank! We are empathetic towards everyones availability & competitive interests. In general, we just ask that you be mindful of the skill level. For instance, we would encourage rookie's to join a rookies game. So on, so forth.
  • Why do we ask for your skill level?
    We want to create fun & competitive runs for you! We want to maximize the experience for all participants!
  • Can I change my rank? How?
    Of course! We love to see participants improve their skill level. Or, move to a skill level in which they feel more comfortable for the time being. You can change your skill level by going to your profile. There is a dropdown next to rank & you can select the most appropriate skill level.
  • What is a HoopMaps Ambassador?
    There are 2 types of HoopMaps Ambassadors! Game ambassadors. This is our in-person game represenative! Brand ambassadors. They represent HoopMaps within the communtiy & their networks! *Find out more & learn how to become a HoopMaps Ambassador here.
  • What is the Sports Hustle & Integrity Performance (SHIP)?
    SHIP is simply our way to measure a participant's conduct. *Learn more about SHIP here.
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