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The Ultimate Cheat Table for Sonic Adventure 2 PC: Unlock Secrets, Customize Characters, and More

3: Open a secret. If Sonic makes it to the end of a "Secret" level without opening one, he will be transported to an area in the level called "The Island", which has a secret called "Time Walker". Time Walker is very powerful and will give Sonic the ability to time-slide across time zones. This ability lets Sonic enter portals from the past to the future. It is available in the game, but it is possible to unlock it once through the tutorial level or at the end of the game.

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Though most of the worlds you'll visit are set in the past, as mentioned earlier, Sonic doesn't age. Additionally, there are some worlds that seems to be the future(though the area around the future world is filled with machines and robots), which is where the aforementioned SPEED BARS come into play. They are in reality a type of Time Machine, though unlike past styles, they can only be used at certain points in time(The time it takes to travel depends on the SPEED BAR). They have many abilities such as instant travel to the past, scan the entire map, scan tracks and leads, and many more.

While Sonic was not always the fastest thing on the planet, early titles had him using speed boosters, like the power spikes and polm, to increase his speed. In later titles, like Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic's S.P.D. agents (Speed-up devices, for the uninitiated), speed boosters and other types of speed up devices became known as power spikes. The power spikes can be found in every single world and can be used and upgraded individually for a cost of SP and the energy needed to power the Spike. Spikes can be upgraded up to 3 times, increasing maximum speed, hit count, and strength.

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